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House Shifting services is a popular service in Dhaka. What is in your life Apart from these, how much more trouble cannot be finished. home shifting an entire household is stressful and we are here to help you with managing your relocation stress. We begin by moving homes domestically, and while much has changed over the past years, our mission to exceed customers’ expectations by customizing our moving service to fit each unique need has remained the same, We proposed a wide variety of local shifting, including apartment, villas, house, single-family homes, retirement communities dorms, condos and many more!

We do not compromise with the safety and security of your goods. Apart from this, we also offer quality service in house shifting service and related other services. We keep to maximum service at the lowest cost. This gets un most believed movers in Bangladesh. It is very important that most of our customers come from the reference. Refer from our customers who refer us to friends and family from their next move.

We bid on a large variety of local home relocation, include apartments, single-family homes, Villas, Army persons, retirement communities, condos, dorms, and many more! Our Packers And Movers are experienced to protect your belongings and your house. All pieces of furniture and padded and stretch wrapped free of charge, ensuring your items and home prior to shifting.

Moving Customers may face some difficulties from arranging packing materials to loos and replace them as well. Our MoversBD is the Best- and well-known house shifting Service provider among all bounce companies in Bangladesh.

House Shifting Services in Dhaka

Whenever you are mentally preparing for Flat/Apartment/ Home shifting, the first and important thing you need to do is keep packing. Remember, the furniture must be properly packing in order to be shifted intact. Also, note that 5% of the work of shifting is good packing. The simple act of organizing items and packing them carefully will prevent damage. Plus, this will also help you keep better track of items as you move.

That is why we have selected the cost of packing items as our theme for the third and final part of the three-part series that discusses the overall cost of moving apartments in Dhaka. In the first part, we talk about the cost of transporting the apartments while moving, while in the second part we talk about the cost of movers in Dhaka. So today we are going to talk about all the items you need to pack the items properly and the overall cost of packaging.

How To Preparation For House Shifting Services?

packing materials of house relocation service

Important packing materials for moving


There is an important part of moving carton Boxes for house relocation. Cartoon boxes are a very important factor for professionally shifting home. Shifting work is impossible without a cartoon box. Actual packing is critical for any move and will ensure that your goods don’t become damaged and broken. Simply fall straight through the bottom as soon as you pick up the carton box. Most of the small and bulky household items in your house are packed into a carton box and made ready for the shift. Items such as glassware, kitchenware, clothes, crockeries, small items of decors, and other similar items are stored in boxes during the shift. There are cartoon boxes of different sizes for packing each item separately.


Scotch Tape is an essential item for packing everything in the home moving services. There are several types of tape of varying adhesive strength available in our warehouse. However, most people prefer to use masking tape to seal boxes when moving. The masking tape is made of easy-to-tear paper with strong adhesive properties. Once the items are placed inside a box, you can seal them with adhesive tape and you don’t have to worry about spilled items. The tape is generally inexpensive unless you get the industrial-grade tape. A roll of quality duct tape covers the entire movement.


During Shifting your House in Dhaka, Bangladesh You need to properly wrap each item with bubble wrap and foam wrap, We have always reserved our store standard quality bubble and foam wrap. This Materials not only help with proper packing but also help safe damage during the moving time.


When all the goods are done packing, our packers label the boxes and luggage. Some labels have to be done as soon as they are packed. Otherwise what is in a packet cannot be understood. Label each box, things, and furniture with the proper tag or list of items inside. Labeling may not seem like a very important thing. But as you change your home, you will end up with so many similar-looking moving boxes, later labeling will be appreciated. Label each box with the appropriate label or the list of items inside.


The most important thing to look at is to look at furniture to change your home. The most sought-after furniture item is the Corrugated paper roll Cartoon. It is widely used for all new furniture. It is also inexpensive and furniture-friendly at prices. Packing with it protects the furniture from damage. Not only for home shifting in Dhaka but also for office shifting. It is used for packing for all types of shifting. One of the biggest benefits of corrugated paper is: It can be easily packed in a short time, which can be unpacked again. It does not require any skill in packing. Any old person can do the packing.

House Shifting Packing Materials

Household packing moment

Here are some more than the above packing materials:

  • Wooden box
  • Raping paper(Newsprint)
  • Stretch film wrapper
  • Poly Bag
  • Foam Wrap
  • Rope
  • Marking Pen
  • Silicon Gel

If you want low cost and safe home shifting, do the packing work yourself and follow the packing policy below:

  • Make a list of those essential things. Write the name of each item inside the packet on the packet, or write it on paper and paste it with the packet or numbering the packet by ‘number one, number two. Write in a notebook what you are putting in a packet, so it will not be a problem to find other items.
  • Put the mosquitoes, bed sheets, pillow covers in one packet, that is, divide the category. Then you can easily get many things together. Put them in a packet, or you will not find the time you need.
  • Match, coil, candle, or charger lights, handles, umbrellas and separate them. These are not available when needed. And it takes a while to finish the electric work, so handhelds, candles or charger lights, coils, matches – they work instantly. And if the electric line is OK, after getting home, first install the fan and the lights. Then you do not have to be uncomfortable.
  • Do not go into the hassle of separating and folding clothes in the hangers. Tie all the hangers together. Then fill the hole in a large polythene bag. They will be able to quickly fill them in cupboards by going to a new home.
  • Makeup compact, such as face powder or eye shadow, can be broken down at this time. Insert a cotton ball inside the compact. Make-up will be safe.
  • Shampoo, lotion, glass cleaner, liquid soap – open the mouth of these bottles and wipe them whole with plastic wrap. Or just screw the mouth part with duct tape. Then face it. There will be no fear of the liquid being spread out.
  • Stains can often be found on the floor when moving heavy furniture. Take the old thick cloth underneath them, it will also be easy to move.
  • To pack the TV, first place a towel on the TV screen. Then wrap the entire covering with tape. Then insert it into the TV box.



    : We use all essential packing and shifting materials, our expert packers will pack your whole home furniture and personal effects. at Moversbd, we treat your belongings as our own, and you can relax knowing your move in the hands of a qualified interesting moving company.
    A) Fragile Item Packing: For items that are valuable, breakable, or irreplaceable in value, we encourage you to let us know so that we can pack them with the utmost care.
    B) If your desire to pack all of your things yourself, we can assist with supplying all of the moving boxes and packaging material you will need to help make your move convenient and relax


    : Before moving home all home appliances, electric, electronics products, and furniture have to be opened and fitted to the new home. Most of the furniture has to be disassembled and reassembled. Simply put, from the old home to the new home, the fitting work has to be done perfectly. This requires skilled and trained technicians and mechanics. We have a technical team to do all this work. Specifically: cabinets, showcase, dining table, bed, dressing table, etc. On the other hand, air conditioning, geyser, fan, LED TV, IPS, etc.


    The day the house changes, our shifting team will arrive home within a certain time. Before starting loading, our loading supervisor will visit the entire home. It will also be seen if all the goods are properly labeled. If the labeling is pending the tag will be inserted. If anything is left packing, they will start loading and finishing. All the workers will have a loading supervisor under their command to start moving the goods down. First, get the big furniture down and put it in the truck. There will be a person in the front of the truck, listing every piece of furniture and goods before getting into the truck. This way, the system will load everything of house furniture and personal things. Everything will be flown to the destination after finishing loading properly.


    When Labor comes to loading, it will be in the truck. That means labor and trucks will come together. Different sized trucks and pickups are needed for home transfer. Larger trucks and covered trucks are used for longer distances. If it is a rainy day, you must select the cover van for long-distance shifting. The size of the truck is determined based on the quality, distance, and weather of the goods. Our every driver is genuinely licensed and certified with quality training. They are experts on how to drive a truck for a home shifting service in Dhaka.


    : After delivery of the destination location we take a list during the unloading process to confirm that each item is accounted for. Our labor will begin unloading the goods as instructed by the owner. After each shipment, the list will match. Finally, after the goods are upstairs, the owner of the house will show which room in the house will go to. Or the goods will go directly to the desired room if instructed in advance. After all the furniture is in the house, all the necessary fittings and reassemble will be done.

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