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Thank You So Much for Your Curiosity in our Moving Company “MOVERS BD”. A Full-service Home and Office shifting company can do Just that. Our Moving company will come to your house in their shifting truck, labor, provide packing materials and shift them to the new location and unload your items. We Have a Complete Moving Team. We have been providing excellent moving services to our clients since 2007. We are completely fulfilled moving clients begins with our skilled, courteous and professional moving Service. A moving company affiliated with the Government of Bangladesh and tested by Customers. All home and office transfers are provided.
Ready to receive Moving quotes? You can simply get free quotes from the moving company by completing your move request in the form above. For more information on the different types of moving, as well as the factors that affect a moving estimate, read our guide below.

House Transfer Rider


We offer a wide variety of local, nationwide and international moving service provider companies.  We have been providing apartment transfer, flat transfer, house furniture transfer and many more! Our moving agents are trained to protect your belongings and your home – all furniture is padded and wrapped without stretching, ensuring your items and your home are free from damage at the end of your move. Have you added stress from packing your house before moving? We also provide the service of complete packing, unpacking, transporting, dismantle and re settings services.

Home Change

Home pack and packing and shifting

Keep in mind that if you receive a lower shifting quote with the same standards and credentials as our moving company, please provide us with your written quote and we will do our best to meet or exceed that moving company’s quote.

If you have any questions at any time during your move, please contact us immediately.

Tomorrow’s Moving Today

On the day of home shifting, it is not advisable to leave hands and feet at once. Thinking about the moving company, I have given all the work and what is my job. Remember, the head pain is his. Carefully purchased every piece of furniture in your home for hard earned money. You have cared so much for so long. Many hobby furniture. It is not wise to leave everything at this point. On the contrary, you and your family have some responsibilities that day.

Because all the family members have furniture and accessories. The day you move home you will have to wake up very early in the morning. After getting up, you have to save your breakfast by cooking lunch and dinner. If you do not have to eat all day or bring it from the hotel. You need to keep your personal belongings in your handbag after eating breakfast. Whether the people at the moving company are doing well.

Moving Plan

Plan of Moving

The people of the moving company must arrange everything before they enter the house. If there are young children or unhealthy patients in the home, they must leave their relatives in the home in advance. Or they must first prepare the contents of a room and move them to a new home and work in other rooms.

Home Moving checklist

Home Moving checklist

You should prepare a plan for the shifting workers. Which room belongings will go first and which will go after.

Moving Tips

30 Moving Tips will Make Your Life a lot Easier

So, you have found a new home! It’s all great and exciting until you start thinking about how much you have.

  1. Pack immediate luggage containing all the Necessary

The possibility is, you will be too exhausted to unpack your belongings. You will be your

Necessary within easy access, including changing clothes when you return to work the next day, as well as all your toiletries. Its also a great way to carry a laptop, ornaments, Mobile, Tab, Computer, which could run the risk of getting stolen during a shifting.

  1. Pack the items you need in Clear things

Includes the belongings like trash bags, eating utensils, kitchen towels, pot knives, cooking utensils, power strips, phone chargers, tools, toilet paper, etc. You can look inside the transparent container; it also separates from the countless cardboard boxes.

  1. Pack the items you need first in a clear plastic container

These include things like box cutters, paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils, select cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, and so on; The transparent bin allows you to look inside; It is also different from numerous cardboard boxes.

Wrap your fragile items (plates, glasses, etc.) in clothes to save bubble wrap.

  1. For extra padding, pack your glasses and glassware in clean socks.
  2. In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, you also add in which room they go. When you arrive at your new home, unpack PER ROOM.

And don’t forget to label the SIDES of the boxes, not the tops. This way you can recognize them even if they are stacked.

  1. If you can, come before your move to your new home and clean the bathroom and kitchen beforehand.

Install a new shower curtain liner and also keep some new bath towels and toilet paper. After a long day of exercise, you want to take a warm shower.

  1. Put an extra cotton pad or ball on your powdered cosmetics to prevent it from breaking.

This is a good suggestion for traveling in general.

  1. Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap and put the tops back on.

This will prevent your luggage from breaking and leaking as you move your goods.

  1. Wrap plates vertically, such as plates. They are less likely to break.
  1. Keep drawers intact by covering them with Press’s Seal.Chests of drawers are like their own moving boxes – this avoids having to unpack and refold the contents.
Shifting Tips

Shifting Tips

  1. Press’s Seal is also great for keeping jewelry displays intact.
  1. Buy a roll of stretch film.

It works like Press’s Seal but on a larger scale. You can group items together and it protects your furniture from scratches and scrapes. Stick the sandwich bags on the back of the item they correspond to. Beer boxes are best for books because they have handles on the side.

So make sure you go to your local liquor store.

  1. Take a picture of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.
  2. Cut down on boxes by having all of your baskets, sinks, baskets, and suitcases work for you.

Pack them with stuff! Use the suitcases on wheels for heavy things like books.

  1. Swiftest way to pack a closet:

This puts your clothes in their hangers for faster unpacking.

  1. Vacuum your clothes out of season.

Not only do they take up less space and are easy to pack, but they can also be stored directly in the new home.

Moving Tips

Carton Boxes

  1. Along with food and alcohol, help your friends first remove the bins in everything you originally planned for sale or donation.

It’s just a bonus because you don’t pay for them.

  1. Make sure everything is fully packed before your friends show up to help you move.

Don’t be that awful person who keeps everyone waiting / helping you pack up.

One more note: if you have enough friends, divide them into teams – one set to help you move in the morning, and another to help you move when you get to your new home.

  1. Call up the color code system.

Choose a color code for each room and label the boxes for that room accordingly. Label the door of each room with a related sticker / tape so that the movers know where to place the boxes.

  1. It doesn’t hurt to number your boxes. Make a detailed corresponding list of what is in each box by number. This makes it easier to make sure you don’t forget boxes or God forbid; someone stole one. AND, if there is something valuable in it, you will not broadcast it to the world by writing it on the box there. If you have a lot of fragile valuables, hiring movers as opposed to asking friends can end up paying for itself.
  2. Be sure to defrost and refrigerate your refrigerator at least one day before removing.

Be sure to defrost and refrigerate at least one day before removing your fridge.

Moving Checklist

With the decision to move the house, a moving plan must be prepared. You need to plan ahead with proper planning. For this, it is advisable to take all ideas about the steps that can be taken from the beginning to the end of the move. You can get information from someone you know if needed. You can also get experience from Google search.
Preparation for apartment / flat shifting should take place about a month in advance. If you do not prepare in advance, you can not finish all the work in time. There are numerous tasks involved with home shifting. You need to have plenty of time on your hands to finish all the tasks consistently.

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

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