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Are you Shifting anything such as House and office shifting? We provide Household, Officehold and Personal effects shifting anywhere in the country. There is MOVERSBD has been a reliable and trusted shifting service provider in Bangladesh. Standard Quality Packing and Moving service Agency anywhere Bangladesh. We are a well-known and reputed Moving company. Our every staff is moving friendly and well trained about moving service.

Our dedicated moving team is able to assist with relocation and Transports of any sizes across Bangladesh and worldwide. Our organization offers competitive prices for our House shifting and office shifting service. We also provide Handyman and technician Service: any electrical job such as Air-condition dismantle and resetting, Fan, Gezer, IPS open the old house and Settings the new house. Any foreign Furniture dismantles and reassemble, Any sizes of transportation provides.

House office shifting service  in Dhaka Bangladesh
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Believe it or not, there is more than one type of moving company to choose from when you move into a new location. Different types of House and office shifting companies include full-service moving companies, self-service moving companies, and specialized moving companies.

Category of moving Company:

Full package Movers — The most expensive type of removal is the popular full package removal company. These professionals will do everything from packing your belongings, loading and unloading the truck, and transporting your house and office furniture to the destination.

Self-service movers — These moving companies are typically less expensive than full-service moving companies and are great for clients who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Self-service engines will deliver a truck or container to your door. They will also be in charge of transporting your furniture. However, the loading and unloading part of the movement is your responsibility. Self-service moving companies include container moving companies and cargo trailer companies.

Specialized movers— Move a grand piano or a hot tub? How about a valuable antique? Fortunately, you can hire a moving company that specializes in doing exactly that. Specialized moving companies are trained in the proper ways to move pianos, whirlpool appliances, art, antiques, and other specialty items.

Our House and Office Shifting included:

Removal service problems released across Bangladesh

  • Home Shifting: We will make sure that all of your household belongings get to your new home safely.
  • Office Shifting: Our trusted removers will transport all of your professional furniture and equipment to the desired location.
  • Services: We offer high quality and international packaging materials. Make sure all of your belongings are safely packed. Ready for our moving experts or we can provide you with high-quality packaging materials if you prefer to pack your belongings.
moving company service in Bangladesh | House and office Shifting

moving company service in Bangladesh

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  • Relocation Services: Our moving team is a relocation specialist. We will safely transport your belongings from your home/office in a van and a covered van to any location in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh
  • Furniture Transport: We have a variety of transport sizes for all types and sizes of furniture movement.
  • Storage: If you need a safe place to store your office / personal belongings due to a gap in your contracts. We are happy to organize a safe storage space for you. We will collect your items, store them and return them to the desired location on the date you request.
  • International removal company: we offer removal services for homes and offices abroad. Global export and shipping packaging.
  • We know that all movements are not planned. We can accommodate last-minute movements. Call us or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation quote to reserve your last-minute move. Full-service moving company costs are affected by the following factors:

10 types of packing materials are essential for transforming a home and office

  1. Carton Boxes
  2. Corrugated Paper role
  3. Stretch Film Wrap
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Bubble wrap
  6. Wrapping News Paper
  7. P.E Foam Wrapper
  8. Rope
  9. Poly Bag
  10. Wooden Box
House and Office Shifting Service

House Shifting Service

The weight of your personal effects – In general, the more you move, the more expensive your move will be. Not only does it take longer to load and unload a large household, but it also requires a much larger truck.

Distance from origins to Destination – The mileage between point A and point B affects the price of a full-service move. Not only will you have to pay for gas, but you will also have to pay the driver for his time on the road. In general, the longer the move, the more expensive it will be.

Labor Costs – Labor costs can vary from state to state and from moving company to another. For local moves, you will pay the movers at an hourly rate. Interstate moves generally include the estimated cost of labor in the moving estimate.

Packing Costs – If you hire full-service movers and packers unpack your belongings, be prepared to pay at least a few hundred dollars more for the service. Moving companies will also include the additional cost of dismantling and reassembling furniture in their moving quote.

Liability and Valuation Coverage – Movers must provide customers with two valuation coverage options: protecting the total value and protecting the paid-up value. Full value protection is the most comprehensive option. This liability coverage states that if your mover damages or loses an item, he will reimburse you for its current monetary value. Protection against impairment is the most basic liability option available. It is included in your free moving quote and only covers 0.60 cents per pound of freight.

Additional Storage – If you need a moving company to temporarily store your belongings before, during or after the move, this cost will be added to your moving quote. Storage rates vary from one mover to another, so be sure to inquire about rates before agreeing to include this service in the quote.


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With the choice of many moving companies, we know the decision can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, with, it’s easy to find, compare, and book the moving company that best fits your needs. All you have to do is submit your House or office goods details above to receive free moving quotes from a number of professional moving companies. Good luck and a good move!


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