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Movers and Packers in Bangladesh

Movers and Packers in Bangladesh

Movers and Packers in Bangladesh. Are you looking for a Reputed And Trusted Movers and Packers Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh? We are always at your service to meet up all the requirements related to Packing And Moving Services.

Reliable movers and packers services are an important issue for your house or office Relocation while you relocate house, office & other things. There are MOVERSBD’s most reliable and trusted movers and packers. We are a top-quality moving company in Bangladesh. We try to always strive to provide the standard of service.

বাসা বদল সার্ভিস
বাসা বদল সার্ভিস

We are the oldest, biggest fastest, and hassle-free House and office shifting service provider in Bangladesh. We have a proposal for you for the best and most careful services at a very effective price. We do not compromise on the quality of service. All our staff is gentle polite, efficient, and good behaviour. They are well trained in moving Services. Our staff is great punctual, honest and also hard working.


  • Packing: Crockeries, Clothes, Furniture, Utensils, Personal Effects
  • Dismantle and Re-Setting: Furniture, Home Appliances, Air-conditioning, Fan, Gezer, Wall TV etc. Open and Fitting
  • Transportation: Various Size and Capacity Truck, Pickup Van, Covered Truck Etc.
  • Loading Unloading: Labor, Loader Unloader
  • Unpacking: Everything of Unloading
  • Re-Arranging Good
  • Packing Materials: Box, Bubble Wrap, Carton Box, Scotch Tape, Corrugated Carton Wrapper, Foam Paper, news Paper Etc.
  • Unfixing, fixing: Air-conditioning, Fan, Light, LCD, LED, IPS, GEZER ETC.
  • Wall Fixing: Wall mat, Painting, Drawing,
  • Special Care: Volt, Piano, Generator, and any machinery packing, unpacking, and loading-unloading

We do not charge for some services. The following is a list of the services we provide for free. If the cost of a small service is increased, the cost burden for the consumer increases. We have the staff instructed not to object to these services. Our Packers feel happy doing these things. Customers ask whether they will pay for these services. We tell ourselves that there is no cost for these


  • We do not charge for opening and fitting the home Curtain and bed.
  • Bed Open the Old House and Fittings the New House
  • Free Assessment physically, Free Online Quote
                                  বাসা বদলের টিপস | কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ টিপস যা মনে রাখা জরুরি

When You First call our hotline, our office staff will take all the details of your move and answer any basic questions you might have also make arrangements for a convenient time for our estimate to call out to see you in your home to access your move and discuss any concerns or special requirements you might have.

We adopt the plan by dividing the Total Shifting Service into several categories. When customers call the hotline. Here are a few questions from our customer care. For example: where is the current location, where to move by shifting. Is this a home or an office? What kind of home is it? what kind of office is it? Based on these words and questions, we primarily define a class of home and office. Assist with Customer Care Assessment Manager with basic information.

5 Category of Movers and Packers Service:

Office Shifting Service

  1. Government Office
  2. Non-Government Office Shifting
  3. Private Office Shifting
  4. Financial Office
  5. Corporate Office
  6. Country Office
  7. Commercial Office

House Shifting

  1. Middle Class
  2. Lawer Class
  3. Top Class

Industry Move

  1. Garment
  2. Factory
  3. Textile Mill
  4. Machinery Move

Personal Effects  Move

Bachelor House Shifting

  1. Student
  2. Single home

What is provided free of charge

  1. Instant Free Online Quote.
  2. Physical Assessment Free
  3. Bed and Curtain Open and fitting

During some shifting we consider the human side to make shifting at a lower cost than the fixed cost. Especially customers who find it difficult to relocate their homes and offices due to financial weakness. In some cases, I also offer discounts for humanitarian reasons. We offer discounts to those customers. It can be said that we only carry the cost. To no avail

During some shifting we consider the human side to make shifting at a lower cost than the fixed cost. Especially customers who find it difficult to relocate their homes and offices due to financial weakness. In some cases, I also offer discounts for humanitarian reasons. We offer discounts to those customers. It can be said that we only carry the cost. To no avail

Services that we provide a 5% discount

  • Widow
  • Dead Body Carry Transport
  • Helpless
  • Refugees

Why Choose Movers BD?

  • The Oldest Movers And  Packers Company in Bangladesh
  • We are a Nationwide Movers and Packers Offering Local and International Moving Services
  • We Are 100% Professional Moving Service, Provider
  • We Use the High And International Quality Packing Materials. Also provide competitive prices and good behaviour labor, Safe and secure your goods and service at your doorstep
  • One-Stop Moving Solution, That is providing all services from the same company
  • 24/7 Customer Care, Day Night Full Time Labour, and Transport Service
  • We Have more than 10K Packing And Moving Experience
  • We have more than 7,000 shifting experiences.
Movers and Packers
                                         Truck Loading Household Goods

Discover the 5 hardest items to move, even for professional packers and movers

  • Glassware: Glassware is delicate. It doesn’t take much to break it. Every process related to moving glass items – packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking – must be done with perfection. Wine glasses and champagne glasses, in particular, should be reinforced with an extra layer of protective material (such as bubble wrap.
  • Antiques: Antiques have an enormous monetary value. Any damage to them would result in a significant financial loss. And that’s exactly what makes moving antiques difficult. In addition, antiques can often come in unusual shapes and sizes, adding to the difficulty of packing them.
  • Electronics: Most electronics are fragile by nature. Your television, laptop, and other electronics with screens can easily break if not properly packed. The refrigerator must be wrapped with tape thoroughly, otherwise, the door may open
  • Heirlooms & Items of sentimental value: Heirlooms, whether they have financial value or not, have enormous sentimental value. These items have a special place in our hearts and any damage to them can cause emotional trauma. Some families also believe that damaged heirlooms are a bad omen for the family. Make sure you inform your packers and movers clearly about your heirlooms so that they handle it with extra care.
  • Religious items: Religious items such as statues are usually made of clay, making them susceptible to breakage. And just like heirlooms, damage to religious objects is also believed to cause misfortune to the family. These items must, therefore, be packed and transported with the utmost care.
  • MOVERSBD.COM the packing and moving service provider understands the complexity of moving these 5 items and takes extra care in moving them, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a friendly reminder.


However, if you need to move anything to move home or office shifting. We offer professional movers and packers service all over in Bangladesh. Please give us a call and write an email. We will be there for you. Call now our hotline: 01774708090


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