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    Are You Looking Truck and Pickup Service in Dhaka?

    During the moving home or office,  at least everyone experiences the problem of truck and pickup services. There is no end to the race, from bagging up, renting trucks, collecting labor. It has been observed that at the end of the month in Dhaka city, a large part of the city’s residents changes their homes. As a result, demand for truck rentals and labor naturally increased at this time. If you want to get rid of these problems, you can use our truck and pickup service.

    Another problem many people face when renting a truck for a home replacement. And that is, many people do not even know what type of truck is needed to change the size of the house. So find out the chart below and what type of truck do you need to change your home according to the goods:

    Truck and pickup Service


    Furniture Loading at truck and pickup

    Home Transfer TypesProduct descriptionRequired truck
    BachelorsGenerally, the luggage is scarce. Basically: 4 beds, tables, chairs, and some accessories are seen in this type of home.1 tone 4 1/2 foot pickup
    Small family3/2 beds, cupboards, sofas, chairs, tables, TVs, etc.1 tone 4 1/2 foot pickup
    Middle family2/3 Bed, Shelves, Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Dining Tables, TVs, Fridges, etc. Accessories.2 ton 12 ft / 5 ton 4 ft truck
    Big family1/4 Bed, closet, sofa, cupboard, showcase, dining table, dressing table, fridge, etc. Accessory.1-ton 4-foot truck
    Office ShiftingOffice-related accessories2 ton 12 foot or 3 ton 4 foot truck as per requirement

    Apart from the trucks of the same size, all the size trucks will be available as needed. After getting the truck, many worry about the labor and the electrician. You will get all this through the ‘need truck’ home replacement service. Apart from this, you can also avail the on-demand supervisor to oversee your house shifting.

    All in all, this Movers BD service may be the best solution for you need a truck to make your home experience easier and hassle-free.